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Aetna Viaduct Study

Project Overview - Aetna Viaduct Study

Location: Hartford, Connecticut
Client: Connecticut Department of Transportation

For the first phase of this project, Hardesty & Hanover provided the Department with a comprehensive structurally based report which will allow the Department to make management decisions regarding the future allocation of funds relative to the maintenance and serviceability of the structure. The goal is to recommend a feasible, cost effective, and constructible solution to rehabilitate this deteriorating, heavily traveled bridge. Future roadway capacity and serviceability issues, beyond construction impacts, were not addressed in this study.

The study report identified existing deficiencies, any short term repairs required, and evaluation of long term options available to the Department. A range of options from minor rehabilitation to full replacement was evaluated in terms of cost, schedule, service life, constructability and safety. This study project includes seven different bridge structures.

The mainline of the Aetna Viaduct carries Interstate I-84 over Amtrak Railroad, parking lots and city streets in Hartford, Connecticut. Bridge No. 03160A (I-84 eastbound) consists of 44 simply supported spans and Bridge No. 03160B (I-84 westbound) consists of 42 simply supported spans. Each structure carries three lanes of mainline I-84 traffic as well as various operational lanes. This steel multi-girder structure was built in 1965 and has an overall length of approximately 3,200 feet.

Other structures included in this project include the Sigourney Street on-ramp to I-84 eastbound and the I-84 westbound off-ramp to Sigourney Street. Also, a portion of the I-84 eastbound off-ramps at Asylum Street and Capitol Avenue are included.

The Sigourney Street Bridge runs perpendicular and below the mainline of the Aetna Viaduct. This bridge structure also acts as the final support for the Sigourney Street on-ramp to I-84 eastbound and the I-84 westbound off-ramp to Sigourney Street.