Complete. Holistic. Thorough. Unparalleled. These are the adjectives that we proudly associate with Hardesty & Hanover’s services. But we didn’t earn these attributes overnight. Thanks to your business, we’ve been sharpening our craft since 1887 and we’ve got the notches in our belt to show for it. Let us put our services and experience to work for you.

Comprehensive Infrastructure Engineering.

Historically, the mainstay of Hardesty & Hanover’s practice has been comprehensive transportation consulting engineering services that centers around fixed and movable bridges. We are routinely requested by our clients to provide complete engineering services, from initial inspections to final design, as well as construction services for complex highway and rail projects. Our resources can address all the necessary assessments and evaluations required to meet any project’s need, regardless of size and scope.

Regardless of size and scope, Hardesty & Hanover can tackle it.